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  • Name: Sifu Gary Mowbray
  • Rank: Instructor Grade 2

Bio: In 1995 I started practicing JeetKunDo, JuiJitsu and MuyThai. It lasted for 4 years. I left VA. and started driving an 18 Wheeler and then i moved to Austin. My JKD practice led me to Ving Tsun, which led me to master Jeff Webb here in Austin. I started with him in 2004 and in March of 2014 I made 1st level instructor. Its been 19 years, A long road and a whole lot of hard work and dedication. I've been in a few real fights in my life and some of my training has helped and some is just luck and instinct. But, what i realize is i like to fight. nowadays, its for just reasons and survival. I am so honored to be studying under Si-Fu Jeff Webb.

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