Winter Camp 2020 in Austin Texas

Another Wonderful Winter Camp. Good work to all the folks who made it to the camp and congratulations to those who also tested and were promoted. sifu Matt for Instructor …

Wuxia Winter Ving Tsun Camp

The Wuxia Winter Ving Tsun Camp has come to an end.  Thanks to Dai-Sifu Jeff Webb for a super technical and fun-filled two-day camp.  Always a pleasure and a privilege …

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Ving Tsun

Ving Tsun (pronounced ‘wing-chun’) is a complete system of self-defense which works for everyone regardless of size, strength, gender or athleticism. The goal of Ving Tsun is to teach practical self-defense in the shortest amount of time possible. Its techniques are based on positioning, leverage and simple physics, allowing the student to borrow the opponent’s strength and turn it against them.


The National Ving Tsun Organization (NVTO) is a professional martial arts association whose purpose is to pass on the traditional concepts of the Ving Tsun kung fu system with a modern approach to training and development

Master Jeff Webb

Dai-Sifu Jeff Webb, 6th Degree Master, is the chief-instructor of the National Ving Tsun Organization and of the Austin Ving Tsun Academy. He has studied martial arts for over 36 years and has taught professionally since 1996. During his career he has taught more than 200 seminars and weekend training camps throughout the United States and Canada.