Wuxia Winter Ving Tsun Camp

The Wuxia Winter Ving Tsun Camp has come to an end.  Thanks to Dai-Sifu Jeff Webb for a super technical and fun-filled two-day camp.  Always a pleasure and a privilege to watch and learn how to teach better from my Master.  Congratulations to all of my students who attended and participated.  Big shout outs to my Assistant Instructors  Winston Wong Sarah Zeigler and Paul Kerstein who ranked up to 2nd-degree Instructor!! Also, congrats to my other Assistant Instructors Brandon Campbell and Robin Adams on achieving their 1st-degree Instructor after 6 years of hard training!  Congrats to Daniel McNeil and the young and upcoming Ving Tsun prodigy Tommy Jiang on moving up in rank, and to Peter Litwin on ranking up to student grade 10!!

I’m so proud of my Wuxia Martial Arts Center crew who continue to work diligently and with great fortitude.  sifu Scott Tarbell

Camp Photo
Instructors Tested and Promoted
Our 2 Newest Instructors 1st Degree
Our Newest 2nd Degree Instructors
One Happy, Hardworking group