17th Annual Winter Seminar

17th Annual Winter Seminar

Another Great Winter Seminar at Austin Ving Tsun Academy, this being our 17th annual Winter Seminar. The weekend startred with a select few advanced practitioners working on long pole training (6 and 1/2 point pole a.k.a. “Luk-Dim-Boon-Gwun”) Friday night, and then continuing into the weekend with 21 students and instructors, packing a months’ worth of training and hands-on practice into a single weekend of work and fun..

Congratulations to all those who tested and were promoted, including our three newest instructors:

Marco Romero Instructor 1st Degree
Jacob Goldberg Instructor 1st Degree
James Davidoff Instructor 1st Degree
Katelyn Miller Student Grade 8
Bob Lawinger Student Grade 6
Alex Hirshfeld Student Grade 6
Rachel Johnson Student Grade 6
Damien Lumetta Student Grade 6
Avery Hackmacn Student Grade 1 & 2
Alyssa Miller Student Grade 2
and Michael Gagnon Student Grade 1

Jason Miller


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